5 Positive Quotes Of The Day
To Get You Started

It is never easy to start from a failure. For many of us, picking up the pieces is disheartening, especially with the knowledge that the reason why you are doing what you are doing now is because you were not able to meet your goals.

Although it is much easier to just give up and swim with the tide to avoid resistance, this choice can be detrimental in the long run.

Often, swimming against the tide is the only way to get out of a rut, create or take advantage of an opportunity and build the life that you want and deserve. Get your new life – your better life – started by using these positive quotes of the day:

Stephen Richards:Know this – when you do what you most fear, then you can do anything.

stephen richards

Stephen Richards

Fear is instinctive. It is an unpleasant feeling that Nature designed to help us survive.

However, fear can be unreasoning. It does not distinguish between what is truly dangerous and what is just assumed dangerous.

To a person full of fear, every room, every road, every new person presents danger. Because fear overcomes his reason, he does not realize that the road may lead to a better life, the room may be a new opportunity and that new person may be the perfect life partner.

Although it is true that we need to listen to our gut, we should never let the lack of reason keep us from what we want. What is it that you fear? Failure?

You have already failed before and you are still on your feet.

You should try again. Ridicule? People will always have something to say regardless of whether you fail or succeed. Try anyway and simply ignore the hecklers.

Sometimes you are your own worst obstacle, so try something new, go past your comfort zone. You might just be pleasantly surprised at what the universe has in store for you.

Martin Luther King:Take the first step into faith. You really don’t have to see the entire staircase. Just take the first step.

dr. martin luther king

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Many people are confused by faith, so much so that they think it is blind allegiance to a system of belief.

The truth is that faith is believing in what can be and trusting the universe to deliver.

We will never know what the future holds but we can prepare for it, and we can mold our future so that we are ready for it.

That is the whole point of faith.

We do not have to see the future in order to be assured that what we are doing now will result in things that will bring joy, peace and happiness in our lives. The future is yet to be shaped, so there really is no way of knowing for sure.

If you are stuck right now, know that you do not need to stay where you are. You have the choice to take that first step with the belief in your heart that you are doing the right thing and going where you are supposed to go.

Little baby steps go a long way.

If you take a step forward now, you will have taken one step farther away from the place and time where you felt unwanted, unsuccessful and unhappy. Now that is progress.

Michael Losier:I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative.

michael losier

Michael Losier

Be warned: when you wish for something, you better be sure you thought long and hard about it because they just might come true.

Choose what is good for you and while you will have to face the things that you fear, hate, doubt and even loathe, you will learn how to manage and overcome them.

By doing so, you build your own strength and avoid the pitfalls of dwelling too much on the things that have hurt and scarred you. You can then continue to maintain your focus on beneficial activities and habits.

The easiest way to start this process is by doing exactly what you’re doing now.

Reading positive thinking books and affirming with words are excellent ways to absorb these good influences and reiterate them over and over in your mind.

Winston Churchill:You create your universe as you go along.

winston churchill

Winston Churchill

Do no fear being unconventional, because you are already unique.
Build your own standards and stick to your own dreams.

Do not dream someone else’s dream because you will only be making it true for them. What about your dreams? You have a whole universe all your own to build, so roll up your sleeves and start today.

Charles Hannel:It is the combination of thought and love which forms the irresistible force of the law of attraction.

charles hannel

Charles Hannel

Whatever you do, keep your thoughts clear of negativity and make sure everything comes from a place of love.

The law of attraction is all about creating positive vibrations because these are the forces that bring in wonderful changes in your life. Let go of anger, and leave your grudges and doubts behind.

If you want a brighter future, you need to be able to envision one for yourself that promotes a happy, progressive atmosphere. Positivity is an irresistible force, so use it and let it work for you.

The Power Is Within You To Make Today Wonderful

The most important takeaway from these positive quotes of the day is that you have a choice right now as to how your day will progress. Choose to make it great. Choose to make it uniquely extraordinary. Decide right now that today will be an amazing day because you will consciously seek out actions to make it so.

Realize that the universe will take care of you once you lose your fear and gain faith that your intentions will steer you towards a rewarding experience. The key to making it happen goes beyond your mindset, though. You have to take steps towards positivity.

Do something good for as many people as you can today. Take small risks that will result in unusual joy. Make your day different in as many exciting ways as possible.

You only get one “bite at the apple” in this cosmic miracle known as life. So take a BIG bite and savor the flavor!

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