Do You Know the Law of 33%?

tailopezandferrariHey there! Jason here. How’s it going? All good, I hope.

Have you heard of the Law of 33%?

Not yet?

Well, before I tell you all about it, I have a question for you.

Do you know what Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Gandhi, Oprah Winfrey
and Jay-Z have in common?

I got the answer listening to successful investor & consultant,
Tai Lopez, in his talk earlier.

These successful icons all had mentors. Yes, mentors they listened
to and followed.

Tai Lopez subscribes to the Law of 33%. He says that we should
spend a third of our time with people we can mentor, and another
third with our peers. But he also says, it’s important that we
allocate 33% of our time being with people way ahead of us, people
who can mentor us

Following a mentor will require you to humble yourself, but I
suppose that’s a very small price to pay as opposed to learning
everything on your own, the hard way.

In the same token, Tai also recommends reading a lot, a whole lot.

It’s another way of vicariously making authors your mentors, and
learning from their successess and mistakes.

You’ll probably ask, so how can I find myself a mentor?

“Find somebody 10 times further ahead than you,” according to Tai.

That’s his 10x rule.

Now what if I told you that Tai Lopez can be your mentor?

Wouldn’t you want that? Imagine, a mentor to more than 20 multi-
million dollar businesses, showing you how to succeed!

You should see this then ===>

Do you want to set yourself on a sure path to success?
Why not meet Mr. Lopez himself? ===>

All the best,
– Jason

P.S. Tai says you can learn 67 important steps from him.
Worth your time!

And – for those of you in need of finding a mentor (maybe you don’t know where to start), this video will give you some great steps to putting this strategy to work for.

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