How NOT to Let Go and Move On

Hi there! It’s me, Jason here. How are you doing? Hope it’s been an awesome weekend for you. It sure has been for me.

I was laughing to myself yesterday while checking my Facebook and Twitter. I have a bunch of friends living abroad. It turns out that the 22nd was National Moving On Day! Who would have thought right? (Looks like there’s an event celebrated everyday across the globe.)

Apparently, there were some parts of the world that had a blast making the hashtag #NationalMoveOnDay trend, and coming up with funny memes.

Well, I must agree that there is a grain of wisdom in having to learn to move on.

It might be from a break-up, from grief or from bad habits that pull you back from succeeding.

I think the sad bit is, we often have such a difficult time about letting go of these things and people, but we don’t hang on as much to our dreams.

When the going gets tough, it’s a tad easier for us to move on from stuff that we supposedly want in our lives.

That’s understandable of course. Just like a rubber band that’s tugged, when the tension between what we have now and what we want for ourselves becomes too tight and unbearable, some of us find it easier just to let go. Rather than be reminded everyday that we’re not where we want to be, we’d rather make the pain go away.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you tell me that you’ve tried everything. That you’ve read self-help and success books more than your fingers can count. I almost half-expect you to tell me that you’ve just given up in believing in hard work and positive thinking.

While I believe we have to hang on to our dreams, I don’t subscribe to repeatedly doing something that’s not working. (And no, I’m not saying that positive thinking is wrong!)

Following my experiences though, my gut tells me that there’s something else you may not have tried.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

They credit that quote to the brilliant Mr. Einstein.

I’d like to suggest that we tweak your efforts a bit, so that you don’t feel like you’re going insane in the fight for your goals.

Check it out.

Don’t walk away. Don’t move on. From your dreams, that is.

Here’s to NOT letting go and moving on.

All the best,

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