How to Achieve Goals in Life – Lessons from Pokemon Go

how to achieve goals in lifeHi there! It’s me, Jason.

How have you been? I’m glad to be catching up with you. It’s been a while, I must say. Today’s topic will discuss how to achieve goals in life.

But first, let me ask you…

So, have you been bitten by the Pokemon bug?

If you haven’t, I suppose you’ve been thinking of trying the game.

I first saw the app through my 9-year old neighbor, David. I had said “Hi!” to him when I saw walking in circles on my front yard.

Confused by what he was doing, I just had to check if he had lost anything.

Apparently, a Snorlax had graced our street, my house specifically!

Of course, what’s a young boy with a goal to do but go after it, right?

Pokemon and How to Achieve Goals In Life

I think the makers of Pokemon Go really hit the nail on the head with how they’ve understood human behavior and designed the game so that it enthralls people of all ages, from almost all walks of life. They understand the drive when people ask how to achieve goals in life.

The app has its pros and cons, but more than this, I think we all will agree that Pokemon Go has really gotten people’s attention. I’ve heard news bites saying how we’ve been spending more time on Pokemon Go as compared to other apps like Instagram or Snapchat. Much like how to achieve goals in life – it takes that kind of obsessive dedication.

If you think about it, wouldn’t you want to be glued to your goals the way you are with your Pokemons?

I know I sure do…

And it’s kind of the secret sauce for knowing how to achieve goals in life.

This is a very cool idea ===>>

Okay, I’m sure you’d say that that’s an unfair comparison,
especially since our goals are likely ten times or a hundred times more challenging to hit than a hidden monster.

But if you’ve played the game, I bet you’ve heard of the Lure Module.

The Lure Module is supposed to attract Pokemons to you without you having to travel far.

What if I told you that Tai Lopez has the perfect Lure Module for knowhing how to achieve your goals in life?

You gotta see this ===>>

It’s not going to happen overnight, that much I know. But he’s offering 67 concrete steps, with predictable results.

How did you feel when you caught your first rare Pokemon? Wouldn’t it be nice to catch that feeling of abundance or prosperity?

What if these things weren’t as elusive as you once thought they were?

Wishing you a grand adventure both in Pokemon and in your life.

I hope this has opened your eyes a bit for how to achieve goals in life.

All the best,
– Jason

P.S. Why not make “Gotta catch ’em all!” your mantra for your life goals?

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