How to Ask for Nothing and Receive Everything

I want to wish you an amazing morning!

Today – I have a powerful lesson to enhance your experience of life. It’s a lesson that I hope you’ll carry on for days, weeks and years to come.

The nature of reward in life can oftentimes seem imbalanced.

You see examples of this all the time. So much so that the expression “Bad things happen to good people” has been uttered throughout the ages.

So, if there is no incentive to be “good” based on this seemingly unfavorable trait, why put in all the effort to actually try to be a good person?

Why not just look out for yourself? Why not just find opportunities that offer instant gratification to your livelihood and leave it at that?

Why be kind to others? Why should you go out of your way, spending ENERGY in places that do not value your intentions?

These questions are common and shared by many.

And the decision to be a good person can be a bit more complex than falling back on the principle of morality. After all, if circumstances always favored the person with pure integrity, we’d all be feeding the poor, giving our money away to charities and volunteering our time towards that greater good of mankind.

So – why are the scales of justice so imbalanced and how can we take action that is both “good” natured and beneficial to our own well-being?

The answer is more simple than it is strategic.

If you wish to sweep all your pragmatic notions under the rug, you can sleep easier at night, knowing that Karma is a real thing and will ultimately bring you the justice that you seek for your previous actions.

However, my own mind isn’t so easily silenced and I would image you require a more immediate answer than me saying… “Don’t worry – it’ll all work out.”

For that reason, here is the only rationale you’ll ever need for carrying out the demeanor of a kind, care-giving person.

It comes down to focusing on two main ideas: VALUE and BELIEF.


Value is the relative worth or merit of your actions towards another entity.

This could include an individual, a group of people, an organization, a cause or with the help of the internet, a movement that is unclaimed and created from your own nature.

Value is what you give others.

It is what you bring to the table for the benefit of another and has the unique property of being created by your own energy.

Now, the big mistake that people make when it comes to providing value is that they are usually already plotting their reciprocation of this offering as they are giving it.

Maybe you’ve been guilty of this yourself if you’ve ever done a favor for someone and immediately prepared a request for their help in return.

In this exchange, you’ve already nullified your good-will by draining reward immediately back from the universe.

That’s why it’s so important to look for opportunities to do good for others without asking for anything in return. This is the practice of altruism.

Once you become consistent in your altruistic efforts, you’ll find life bending at the will of your desires WITHOUT having to ask for favors.

So, the first step to receiving everything from the universe is to stop asking and start giving. The rest will fall into place in seemingly coincidental corners of your life.


Your good deeds will only take root in your good fortune when you believe in your own merit. Life will meet you only halfway. It’s up to you to know your worth and claim what you desire through taking action on your beliefs.

This means that having high self-esteem is crucial to your success in life. Whether you seek better health, more wealth, greater love or a stronger sense of fulfillment, only you can see the path that extends to these rewards.

So, make it a practice to constantly reinforce your own sense of self-worth.

You can do this through life-affirming habits like exercise, meditation, good hygiene, a proper diet – really anything that accentuates your experience of life on a daily basis.

I’ve made this step incredibly easy for you with my newest “Action Affirmation” track on Self-Esteem. And, you can listen to it for free right now through the link below.

Listen to this track every morning to consciously and sub-consciously build up the foundation of your own self-worth.

You can listen to this track at anytime. Before bed, in commute to work, while your working out or as a guided meditation for relaxing and energizing your spirit.

It’s posted free here.

Be sure to check it out right now.

Remember, your life can be anything you want it to be – and you can make it better at any moment. So, be sure to take this opportunity, right now, and listen to these self-esteem affirmations for an amazing day and year to come.

Listen to these Self-Esteem Affirmations now.

Warmest Regards,
– Jason

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