How to Have Patience – 2 Simple Exercises to Build Patience

Handsome young man sitting at home, holding coffee mug, thinking with closed eyes.It’s easy to get into a habit of thinking one way and be so stuck in that line of thought your life moves in that direction without you knowing it.

It’s like walking furiously towards something. And when you eventually look up from your feet, you realize you’ve walked a mile in the wrong direction.

Life is just like that sometimes. And if you ever get down on yourself for not being perfect – then the solution to your frustration is PATIENCE.

The mind is restless and it can be so difficult to maintain a balance between being in the moment and a having feeling of anxiety towards the future.

Losing your patience has a rushed sensation attached to it.

Frustration bubbles over and anger (or sometimes depression) emerges.

You experience feelings of anger, both at yourself for losing your patience and at the situation for being out of your control.

A short fuse like this will curb your enjoyment of life around you.

Patience is an acceptance of life and it’s a skill that will help you navigate your mind into a calmer, smarter space.

Here, you’ll learn how to develop and strengthen your mental patience.

More specifically – how to have patience in difficult situations and cultivate an improved sense of calm when difficult or frustrating circumstances occur.

So now, I’m going to go over 2 things you should start doing right now if you want to improve your level of patience and return to a calmer self.

Now it is possible to learn through trial and error. Meaning, when impatience arises, you discover personal ways to cope and work through it.

However, your best chance of conditioning yourself long-term to become a calmer, more patient person is to engage in activities that build a more grounded and even-keeled reflex when you start losing your temper.

You’re going to notice a common thread in all of the following practices. They all revolve around finding a focal point – that being the breath.

Each of these activities relies on thinking solely about your breath and allowing that concentration to bring you back to the present.

Yoga Will Help You Build Patience

Yoga Woman Touching Her ToesI’m pretty fanatical about staying in shape. Exercise is a release from the tension that our minds can build up. And for that reason, I exercise in some form, generally about 6 days a week.

I like to mix up weight training with cardio in different varieties.

I’ll go over my detailed workout plans another time, but for now, it’s important that you know, adding Yoga to your weekly routine will create a breakthrough in mental and physical strength that is incomparable to any other kind of self-improvement.

I’ve never been much into the idea of Yoga before.

It kind of turned me off for a long time.

My perception was that Yoga is boring – and there are more constructive ways to build my body (for example: heavy weight training or endurance running etc.)

I couldn’t have been more misguided.

Yoga builds strength where you never knew you had weakness.

If that sounds a bit confusing, let me say it another way.

In Yoga, you’re essentially forcing your body into contortions; postures and positions that can make you relatively uncomfortable.

Your body is suddenly relying on balance, strength and focus where it was never demanded before.

And because of the slow and fluid movements of Yoga, your initial response is to hurry up and get it over with.

Impatience grows inside of a new yogi.

This happens because your frustration takes over your emotions and you feel impatient with the process.

It is the taming of this inner voice that builds your patience over time.

Through yoga, a discipline is born to quiet the mind and focus on the exact moment in time that you are in. Yoga cannot be rushed because its very nature is to pause and “feel” the moment of time you are in.

If you’re not currently engaged in yoga at least once a week, this is a simple way to completely revolutionize your current mental and physical state.

Starting is quite simple.

There are millions of videos on YouTube right now to get you started.

One of my favorites for newbies (including myself) is a teacher named Steve Ross. You can find episodes of his show “Inhale with Steve Ross” all over YouTube and he guides you by the hand, showing you how to get started right in your home with this transformative practice.

Plus, he plays super awesome music during his workout videos.

Meditation Works To Calm You

A young asian woman meditates with her eyes closedThis may be the secret to it all. Quite frankly, your overall happiness will go up in some fashion if you mediate once a day.

It doesn’t have to be a big deal.

You can simply sit in a quiet place or lay down to do it.

Try to avoid meditating while laying down in bed. You want to avoid falling asleep during active meditation.

Here’s how you can start.

Sit or lay in a quiet place with your eyes closed.

It starts with the breath. Focus on your breath.

In… Out…

And get drawn into the breath by only focusing on that rhythm.

In… Out…

As any thoughts come up into your head, acknowledge them and return your focus to the breath.

In… Out…

As a random thought pops up like “I need to do laundry later”, acknowledge that you had the thought but redirect your attention back to the breath.

In… Out…

And you can do this for anywhere between 20 and 60 minutes for phenomenal results – that you feel all the time.

Meditation will build muscles in your mind.

You become much more conscious of your thinking. Because of that, you will no longer get stuck on the mental hinges that obsessively occur in your head. You identify them and make corrections in the moment.

When impatience bubbles over, you will have the practice of meditation to objectively observe your thoughts and orchestrate them to serve you better.

Rather than lose your temper, you will feel naturally more “laid back”.

It’s hard to describe the inner peace that meditation brings. You kind of just feel like you’re going with the flow more. It connects you with yourself.

Get Started. Seriously – Just commit to one of the above (Yoga or Meditation) and go for it.

Each moment that we have in life is precious. Adding a simple discipline like one of these will improve your focus, inner calm and overall patience.

So, if losing your patience is something that is truly becoming a noticeable problem in your life. I highly recommend you commit yourself to really make one of these happen for at least 1 month.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to pass along.

I really hope you have an incredible day. I want something amazing to happen to you today. I hope you’re surprised. I hope you smile. I hope you
laugh hard and good. I wish you the world.

Kind Regards,
– Jason

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