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Close up of human hand drawing career ladder with chalkHey there – Good Morning!

So, we’re onto the second week of January…

Right around now is when you see a lot of people starting to struggle with their New Year resolutions.

This is when reality kicks in and you need to maintain consistency in whatever you’ve committed yourself to. (IE: a better body, a better relationship, better diet habits, monetary goals, etc.)

I, personally, didn’t make any specific resolutions. Did you?

I kind of like to set up small goals or projects for myself all the time, throughout the year. They make for these little victories I can celebrate over time.

Do you ever do that?

You know, make a list and start crossing off the items one at a time? Doesn’t that give you kind of a tick of excitement?

Seeing something through to fruition builds MOMENTUM and your CONFIDENCE.

That’s kind of a nice one-two punch that leads to a sense of elation too.

I’m big into goal setting – but I’m sure you can gather that by now 😉

It’s because I’ve seen it have such a wonderful effect on so many people.

I’ve seen goal setting turn people’s lives around.

They were suddenly organizing the chaos in their heads. It was then that their actions no longer came from a place of DESPERATION.

They were taking action out of INSPIRATION.

And I want you to really think about that and how it might apply to a goal that you
have or had in the past.

I want to use the example of relationships for a second…

I’ve known men and women who were so desperate to have a relationship with another person that they sabotaged themselves every single time.

They were acting out of desperation and working towards a solution in a panicked state. These people were frantically trying to find a life partner.

The big turning point for them was finding themselves first.

Once those people found their own happiness things changed.

They took on a demeanor that accepted everything with joy and gratitude. And THEN they attracted what they wanted.

That’s because when you find happiness outside of your goal, your actions come from a place of INSPIRATION.

Now, that wasn’t all it took to achieve their goal but it was a crucial change in their mindset. And if you’re taking action towards something and not seeing results, you need to take a good hard look at where you’re coming from.

You must have your emotions match your intentions and actions. This is how you kind of synchronize everything to work in your favor.

And you want all three of those things (emotions, intentions and actions) to be of a positive quality whenever possible.

Any time you are desperately scrambling away from something, you will trip over yourself, trying to escape it.

Get your mind right first and then follow your heart.

My point in all this?

I want you tackling your day from a mindset of INSPIRATIONnot DESPERATION.

Desperation focuses on what your mind is running from. I want you running towards the life you want. Not away from the life you have. Does that make sense? It’s got to start with you.

And if you’re having a tough time learning how to be positive and correct yourself, I’ve made a very cool product that you can find right here:


I hope you a wonderful day today. I am absolutely rooting for you. I’m here for you. Write me – seriously. I do my best to get back to as many people as possible.

Also, if you have any questions about the stuff I promote, definitely feel free to ask.

I’m pretty proud of this one.


Kind Regards,
– Jason

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