Rising Above Challenges With Quotes About Positive Thinking

Is your energy drained by constant, negative thoughts? Do you feel demotivated and overwhelmed by the lack of progress in your life? Is the fear of failure stopping you from achieving your full potential?

For a number of individuals, it is difficult to remain positive after failed attempts to achieve their goals, so rest assured, you are not alone.

However, you do not have to remain in that negative place. There are a number of quotes about positive thinking that you can use as motivation to stop the negative self-talk and snap out of your depressive state. And, the good news is, you can start implementing this mindset right now.

Developing a habit of thinking positively will do wonders for your mind, body, spirit and your overall health.

Truth be told, optimistic individuals or positive thinkers tend to be healthier, physically, physiologically and psychologically. This is because they maintain a positive outlook on life even in the face of failure.

They know that setbacks are inevitable in just about every human activity that’s worthwhile. But, they also know that setbacks and failures are mere speed bumps or temporary detours on the road to success in life.

With dedication, perseverance and a positive attitude you too will be able to accomplish your dreams and even shatter the glass ceiling to achieve far beyond what you originally envisioned as your success.

Several studies have found more and more evidence of the fact that there are lots of benefits that can be derived from positive thinking and optimism, including greater overall well-being.

Even if thinking positively is not something that comes naturally to you, a lot of great reasons are there to start minimizing negative self-talk and cultivating affirmative thoughts. Below are three specific reasons why you should get in the habit of harboring positive thoughts.

1. Optimism Improves Ability to Handle Stress

chalkboard with stress crossed out saying relaxWhen positive thinkers are faced with stressful situations, they cope more effectively in comparison to pessimists.

A recent study revealed that when optimists are faced with disappointment, they tend to focus on what needs to be done in order to find a solution to the problem.

Instead of dwelling on the things they are powerless to change or the frustration associated with the disappointment, they devise a plan of action and work at finding a solution.

Conversely, pessimistic individuals assume that nothing can be done about the situation and it is out of their control.

2. Positive Thinking Improves Immunity

illustration of digestive systemPositive thinking impacts your immunity in a remarkable way.

Research has indicated that a number of health benefits are associated with optimism and they include an increased lifespan, less depression and reduced risk of dying from cardiovascular problems.

By avoiding unhealthy behaviors and better coping with stress, their health and overall well-being are improved.

3. Optimism Builds Resilience

running on the streetResilient individuals have the capacity to face trauma and crisis with resolve and strength and are better able to overcome adversity.

Positive thinking plays a major role in becoming resilient. When challenges arise, resilient people are not afraid to ask for help and they will do what it takes to achieve success.

It is extremely important to note that thinking positively (or speaking positively) is not the same thing as putting on rose-colored glasses and taking an unrealistic approach to life. There is, in fact, research that has found that optimism might not work well in some instances.

For example, there is a possibility that individuals who are excessively optimistic could take on more than they are able to handle because they overestimate their abilities and this could ultimately result in anxiety and stress.

Keeping It Real…

Positive thinking does not promote focusing on the silver lining while ignoring reality; instead, your thoughts should be concentrated on positively approaching challenges, making the most out of negative situations and believing in your abilities.

There is no escaping hurt and disappointment associated with the bad things that happen in life and the people who inflict hurt on you; however, not everyone will let you down and the whole world is not against you.

When you think positively, you will be able to realistically assess a particular situation and seek out ways to learn from the experience, while taking steps to improve the situation.

Empower Yourself Today With Positivity

Thinking positively is essential to living a promising life. Your mind is an unending reservoir of thoughts that has the capacity to think numerous enabling and disabling thoughts.

The enabling thoughts will empower you but disabling thoughts will render you powerless. The determining factor between failure and success is often intertwined in the type of thoughts that you entertain in your mind.

Therefore, it is extremely important to read or even memorize quotes about positive thinking and apply them to your life on a daily basis.

Similar to most aspects of life, it may take practice to change from negative self-talk to having a positive outlook on life; however, the rewards will be well worth the effort.

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