This is really important for you to know.

Happy Monday! Jason here…

I had such a beautiful weekend and I hope you did too!

Yesterday was a gorgeous, sunny day in New York. I had a great time planting carrot seeds in the garden with my youngest son, Jake. He’s 5 years old.

Here’s a picture of him holding up one of the tiny carrot seeds we planted…

It amazes me that such an itty bitty seed can sprout a giant 7+ inch carrot in only about 80 days or so.

Here’s a picture of me holding a bushel of those seeds,
just a few months later…

There’s a wonderful lesson in those two pictures when you view them one after the other.

That first picture of my kiddo holding the seed is a great reminder that there is so much hidden potential around all of us.

Even the tiniest seed holds the power to generate a harvest and that harvest creates hundreds of more seeds to continue producing a nearly endless chain of creation.

Incredible, if you think about it. All of that exponential creation; all of the generations of carrots that may or may not follow already exist in that one tiny little seed.

Just like you, that seed is filled with boundless potential. Just like you, with the right cultivation, fruition will undoubtedly happen.

Keep working on yourself. Keep watering the seed.

Things will sprout. Dreams will be realized. It’s already within you.

And, although I can’t give you the same timeline for maturity
as this carrot seed, you will get there.

The best way to grow and remain consistent is to focus less on the end goal and much more on the GROWTH towards the end goal.

You got this. Take life one day at a time and soon you’ll get to exactly where you want to be.

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Kind Regards,
– Jason

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