Today is a miracle – recognize that.

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday! Jason here…

I hope you enjoyed the “Stream Of Consciousness” affirmation track I sent yesterday.  If somehow you missed that link, you can still listen to the audible here:


If you love the track and want me to make more of them – definitely LIKE and COMMENT on the video.  Your feedback is what inspires me to keep creating this free content.

Also, if you have any criticisms, don’t hold those back either 🙂  With every suggestion you provide, I can tailor these audios to serve you better.

The best way to use these affirmation tracks is to play them on a pair of headphones in the morning as you go about your routine.

Let the positive phrases just stick to your stream of thought in the background.  You’ll find that they will slowly, over time, condition you to think more constructively about the day in front of you.

It takes about a week of consistent listening to  really see and feel the change – but once you do, you’ll realize this is one of the simplest habits for self-improvement.


Also, although I do charge for some of my content, the best way to obtain all my free stuff is to SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel.

So, be sure to do that as well.


I hope you have an amazing day ahead.  

Finally, if you’re interested in me recording a custom positive affirmation track for you – please reply to this email.

I can create a customized track based on your personal life goals and aspirations.  This will make the listening experience exponentially more effective for you as the track will be tailored to your particular needs.

All the best!

Kind Regards,
– Jason

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