What’s your Olympic Story?

rio olympics logoHey! Jason here. How are you? Hope everything’s going great on
your side of the world.

Have you been watching the Rio Olympics? I sure have!

I think there are many amazing stories we’ll all remember from
this year’s games. 

There’s Michael Phelps’ amazing comeback and him being the most 
decorated gold medalist. 

There’s Joseph Schooling who brought in Singapore’s first
Olympic gold by beating his idol Phelps.

There’s Simone Biles defying gravity and winning 4 gold medals.

There’s Katie Ledecky beating her own world record in the 800-
meter freestyle.

There’s Usain Bolt who ends his career with an unbelievable record
of winning the 3 sprint events in the last 3 Olympic games.

But have you heard about Yusra Mardini and the rest of the Refugee
Olympic Team?

Rio 2016 has given us a peak into so many beautiful back stories
of the lives of these athletes.

Yusra’s is one of them.

Yusra had to leave her Syria, her war-torn homeland, because it had
become increasingly unstable. To do so, she had to swim for 3 hours
in open water to help push a boat of 20 to safety.

Her journey as a refugee, and her journey to the Olympics is an
inspiring story of resilience.

Joining the Olympics isn’t probably part of our destiny, but wouldn’t
it be wonderful if we learn for ourselves the resilience and grit
that these Olympians have? The same things that can power us to our
own success. And you don’t need to play

It’s not going to happen overnight. No success ever does.

But there are steps to it. That can be learned.

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Tai Lopez can show you how. 

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In your own life’s olympics, what’s your story going to be?

All the best,

P.S. Learn how to win. YOU can do it!
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