You’re Worth Hoping For…

Hey there! Jason here. How’s it going on your end?

I saw something quite interesting during my morning commute.  

Theres a certain part of my commute where I walk through the city for a few blocks to get to my office.  

A bunch of teenagers and younger kids were painting over walls filled with graffiti.  It was some sort of peace mural they were making, part of a volunteer group’s urban renewal project for the

It caught my attention because they seemed to be very happy with what they were doing.  I decided to stop to chat a little with them.

When I asked them why they were making the mural, they explained that they wanted to make the city streets look brighter, happier. 

I then asked them why they would even try beautifying the streets when the vandals can just as easily paint graffiti again on their art.  

In front of me were a few kids and teens of different ages.

A little girl, probably about 7 years old, innocently but intelligently answered, “Because it’s better than not doing it!”

I was struck by her answer. She’s right, you know. 

It’s always better to take action. 

But I know most of us, at one point of our lives or another, have gotten tired.  I know I have.

Because, we’ve failed so many times. We’ve been rejected. We’ve been so frustrated.

And sometimes, the tension between what we want in life and where we’re at right now, is just too difficult to bear.

Rather than being reminded everyday of where we’re not yet at, it’s easier for us to just stop. Stop dreaming. Stop hoping. After all, you’re not going to be disappointed if there’s nothing you’re hoping for or expecting. No more pain. No more hurt.

But wouldn’t it be sad if we stopped trying? That kid was right.  Doing is better than not doing.

What if I told you there was a secret to getting your dreams?


As a friend, I’m recommending that you try them out, because they worked for me. 

But more than that, I’m asking you to give it a shot, because YOU are worth HOPING for. You and your life are worth it.


Wishing you a blessed day.

All the best,

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