Young white Caucasian male adult has way too many questions in hHello! It’s me, Jason. How has your September been so far?

Everything great at your end? I sure hope so.

I had coffee with my younger cousin Kristen the other day, and she
shared with me the visioning exercise she did with her mentor, Bill.

I tried it for myself. And I found it so powerful that I want to share it with you.

Go grab a pen and full-sized paper.

Are you ready?

We’ll be making 4 columns. Label them as “Goals”, “For Who”,
“How much?” and “By When?”

If I were to ask you, what are the 6 most important goals in
your life
, what would they be? What tugs at your heart? What excites you? What makes you cry?

Go write them down on the first column.

And then, in the second column, indicate who they’re for. I’m pretty sure you’d probably say they were for yourself, or most definitely, your loved ones.

Now here’s the next part. How much would it take to get that?

Let’s say your dream vacation. Think about who you’d bring and
how you’d like to travel. And then do the numbers.

You’re probably asking why you need to pin down how much it costs.

Well, if you don’t know how much, how are you going to work towards
it? For instance, if you’d like to be a full-time parent, you have
to know how much working income you will need to replace.

Makes sense, right? OK, next then.

The column on the deadline – when do you need to have these in
your life? This can be tough for some, but you need to put in a date.

After all, it’s not a goal without a deadline. It’s just a wish.

I’ve actually done a similar exercise before Kristen shared what she
done with me.

The next few things were different though. They shifted my perspective in a lot of ways.

Kristen asked me to cross out 1 dream if I were forced to take
out one.

I felt a bit sad, but I took out travel first, figuring it was
primarily for myself.

Then she asked me to cross out 3 more, asking me what if I could
only have two in my life. What top 2 things would I keep?

If you’re doing the exercise now, how do you feel?

Me? I felt like I was punched in the gut.

My dreams don’t work in isolation. I can’t keep financial freedom and
then just cross out health. It doesn’t work that way.

Now, you’re probably asking where all of this is going?

After Kristen and I had coffee, I realized that most of us want
many things in life. But we’re not necessarily willing to go after them.

At least not yet.

I realized a lot of my goals required me to level up in terms of
learning and ethic. A whole lot up.

If your goals scare you (which actually is a good thing), then it’s
also best to get some mentoring.

Which 4 goals would you be willing to let go of? And if you’re not, areyou game to take on the challenge of learning?

If so, it’s well worth your time to check this out.

Wishing you the best in life,

P.S. I read this quote,
“Do one thing everyday that moves you closer to your goal.”


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