Hello! Jason here, dropping in to check in on you. How are you

I’m here in a cab, stuck in traffic. I’m making the most of my
golden time by catching up on my email, and listening to a
highly thought-provoking audiobook, The Power of Habit, by
Charles Duhigg

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the saying that “Time is gold.” But
have you heard of the principle of “golden time”?

I first learned about the idea of golden time from my old boss last
year. Just like today, we were also in a cab, on our way to a meeting
with an important client. It turned out that there was an accident
a couple of intersections ahead. The traffic was horrendous and we
were already growing anxious of arriving late for our appointment.

I started getting antsy, muttering curses under by breath. My boss,
on the other hand, was cool and calm about the delay.

He brought out a book from his bag and said to me, “It would be a
shame to let golden time go to waste.”

I forgot about my anxiousness for a while, and I asked him with a
puzzled look what golden time meant.

He replied by saying, “Golden time happens when you have unexpected
time on your hands. It’s normally caused by circumstances that
happen around you, when plans change. It can be a few minutes or
a few hours.”

He then added, “What’s important is that you make the most of your
golden time
. There are a number of ways you can do that. Perhaps
pray or meditate. You can get some work done, or plan for things
ahead. Another good way is to work on yourself, read a book so
you can learn something new.”

I no longer work with my mentor, but his words have stayed with me.
I am always ready to make the most of my golden time. As is today,
I always have a book or an audiobook on hand.
===> http://actionaffirmations.com/audiblefreetrial

The Power of Habit, my current read, speaks of how habits tellthe story of our success or downfall. I take it as an affirmation
of the importance of building my very own habit of using golden
time for my personal growth.

How about you, what do you do with your golden time?

Why not use it to further yourself?

All the best,

P.S. Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit is definitely a must-read,
but there are many other bestsellers that may catch your fancy.
Why not check them out via Audible?
===> http://actionaffirmations.com/audiblefreetrial
Your first book is free!


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