I hope your day is moving along at a nice pace on this Friday.  Also, if you or your loved ones have been affected by Hurricane Matthew, I sincerely hope everyone is safe.

I’d like to share an important reminder today for when life hits you on the head with surprising challenges or defeat.

Pain is a great teacher.  

It takes a mature and tempered mind to understand that in the face of difficulty lies a lesson to be learned.

And those who stubbornly refuse to learn that lesson are  doomed to repeat the pain of their resistance to change.

So, the next time your are suffering emotionally, personally, financially, health-wise or other…

… remember that you are still growing as a person.

You are still getting better in this world and these pains are a part of the process in understanding and becoming a better you.

Try to have gratitude for the lesson.

The lesson means that this game is not over.  It means that you are still here on this earth to make life a greater place than it was yesterday.

Hold your chest up high and know that in life you don’t
“win or lose”…

you win or you learn.

Either way, you grow.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Kind Regards,
– Jason

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