Understanding Law Of Attraction Affirmations and How They Work

If you have read a little bit on the Law of Attraction, you have probably come across the concept of affirmation. Generally, affirmations are when you vocalize, visualize or write out specific goals in a positive manner.

At the onset of every New Year, most people affirm what they want to accomplish over the next 12 months. If you are applying the Law of Attraction affirmations, then chances are already affirming what you hope to achieve. But, how does the law of attraction work?

The Truth about Law of Attraction Affirmations

chalkboard saying ambition, belief, changeAffirmations are an important part of manifesting and bringing your dreams from imagination to reality.

However, there is one critical element that you must never shove off — belief.

The affirmation will never yield the results you are looking for without belief, or if you feel you are not being honest with yourself.

You must match your belief with your desire for your affirmation to work.

For instance, if you are affirming, “I make $100,000 a year from my business” yet you do not even have a business card yet or have not advertised your business…then there is going to be a huge discrepancy between what is, and what can be. But, in order to make that much, you need to visualize and vocalize it, right? So how do you get past the discrepancy?

Well, Law of Attraction Affirmations are pretty straightforward and simple: you attract that which you believe. If you cloud your affirmation with doubt, you will only drown in frustrations as you effortlessly match your reality with your vibration. You will, every single time, attract what you expect.

Check through your current circumstances. They are a direct result of what you recently believed. You, and you alone, have the power to create something better. So you need to feel good and upbeat about your vibration…for that is the trick to making a shift from “seeing is believing” to “believing is seeing.”

Doubt Triggers a Resistance To Your Vibration

man with halfway zipped mouthDoubt, fear, procrastination and struggle do not feel good. They all are a form of resistance! Use the affirmations to create a shift without causing a resistance.

This way, your conscious, and unconscious mind, will take them in more fully because there will be no disparity between what is and what can be. Then, and only then, will the affirmations work for you.

In life, everything is a vibration. Positive vibrations feel good while negative vibrations feel bad. So, as you draft and vocalize your thoughts, be sure that they make you feel good. As you begin to internalize and believe these statements of affirmation, you will start gravitating towards what you ultimately want…your desired goals.

Always vocalize your affirmations with emotions, and in the present tense. Use I AM at all times. Here are a handful of examples that can help you get used to using them as tools of manifestation. You can also use positive thinking books or famous quotes to inspire unique statements that are specific to your circumstance.

1. I AM receiving plenty right now both in expected and unexpected ways.
2. I AM increasingly confident in my ability to attain the weight I desire.
3. I AM acting on insight and inspiration and I trust my inner judgment.
4. I AM receiving and giving all that is good, and I desire.
5. I AM receive unending, inexhaustible peace of mind.
6. I AM fashioning my life according to my inner beliefs.
7. I AM constantly working to raise my vibration through positive thoughts.
8. I AM making significant impact at my place of work.

Planting The Seed Of Possibility

seed growing in sequenceIt is crucial that you plant the seed of possibility in your mind.

This will greatly raise your vibration because positivity and optimism are key to getting rid of resistance.

Pick up the affirmations that reflect your goals and desires and tweak them over and over again. Always remember to focus on that which you want to attract most, not what you fear or what already is.

There is no restriction as far as length of time you should spend speaking your affirmations. What is more important is the passion and intensity with which you say them.

Halfhearted or mumbled affirmations are pretty much as useless as using an umbrella to shelter a tornado. Wholehearted and intensely felt affirmations are clear signals that you are really into this, and you want it.

It is important that you create a habit out of self-belief. The more you tell yourself something in a way that does not trigger resistance, the more you will get to believe it. It is all about choice.

Choose to imprint positive, self-affirming and proactive beliefs instead of reactive, self-defeating and negative ones. You sure can choose!

Law of Attraction Affirmations can help anyone wire their mind to function in the highest possible state for attracting and manifesting that which they desire.

Whether you want to attract someone into your life, health, money or success, positive affirmations can provide the necessary building blocks for taking charge of your mind, developing a positive outlook and manifesting the desired reality. Use self-belief and emotion to learn and embody this law and the fruits will run to you in many delightful ways.

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